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30 Day Challenge


Make the commitment and get fit fast.

Several times during the year we offer studio-wide yoga challenges which are a great way to deepen your practice, lose unwanted pounds, tone up your body, increase your energy and create and sustain healthy habits towards a longer, fuller life and it’s a good opportunity for you to create new friendships within this yoga community. You can also start your own 30 Day Challenge at any time.

A 30 Day Challenge is all about YOU! Don’t hold back–get glowing! Wouldn’t you like to have a higher quality of life? This challenge is for anyone willing to try and anyone interested in getting into balance and optimal health.

  • You may start your Challenge any day of the week throughout the year.
  • Register your start date at the front desk to receive your challenge sheet.
  • It is helpful to find a Challenge “Buddy” to help support you throughout your Challenge.

This challenge requires each member to take class a minimum of 26 times within a 30 day period. On your travels, you may take a Bikram yoga class and bring back a receipt proving that you kept up the practice and if you did miss a day, you can make up a class by taking two in one day. And, while the challenge is tough, it is our community of members that make attaining this goal easier and fun.


If you are just getting started, a 30 Day Challenge is a great way to learn the benefits so you can find out for yourself–you will experience for yourself and no one has to tell you. If you have been practicing for a while, this is a way to take your practice to the next level.

Complete your challenge and you will get a free Afterglow Challenge T Shirt!