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These rules of good yoga etiquette will help you and the people around you feel comfortable in the yoga room.

They are based on common sense and courtesy, but deal with some issues that are specific to yoga classes and studios.

Before class

  • Arrive on time; no late arrivals will be permitted.
  • No cell phones, pagers or watches are allowed in the yoga room, leave them in the lobby.
  • No shoes in the yoga room.
  • Please have clean feet and be perfume/cologne free (these smells amplify when in the heat!).
  • Mention any pre-existing injuries to the teacher so they can guide you as needed during class.

During class

  • Do not talk in the yoga room before, during, or after class.
  • Do your best to stay in the room the entire 90 minutes. If an emergency requires you to leave, please leave and re-enter between postures.
  • Bring only water into the yoga room. Drink when specified and only between postures.
  • Refrain from using hand towels to wipe your sweat. Not only is it distracting but it also makes your body work harder to cool itself.
  • Practice stillness between postures.
  • Focus on only yourself in the mirror.
  • If you start to feel overwhelmed always go back to your breath. Take a break if you need one.
  • If you use a Breathe mat and are a super heavy sweater, please consider putting a mat or towel underneath it so we can keep our flooring as clean and dry as possible.
  • When using Kleenex, place used tissues between your mat and towel, not on the carpet. This allows you to keep your germs to yourself. If you are sick and having to continuously blow your nose or if you have a cough, please wait until you are better to take class. Do this out of repect for your fellow classmates.

After class

  • Observe silence during the final savasana.
  • Be silent when leaving the room. Be respectful of others.
  • Hang rented mats on the ballet bar, drop rented towels in the bin in hallway.
  • Be mindful of the time. We open our doors 30 minutes prior to class and close 30 minutes after each class.
  • Enjoy the revitalizing energy and peace you have from class and make up your mind to come back tomorrow!