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Charlotte’s smiling face can be seen at the front desk and throughout the studio as she helps with administrative tasks as the office manager. She started practicing Bikram Yoga in 2011 and has found it to be a challenging and stimulating workout. You can sometimes see her practicing in the hot room with her daughter, Courtney.

Also certified as a Yoga Teacher for Kids, Charlotte enjoys the opportunity to introduce children to the practice of yoga, where they have fun and then leave the room with more self-awareness and self-confidence. She has completed the Yoga 4 Kids training as well as the Rainbow Kids Yoga training. Charlotte has completed over 39 hours of kids yoga training! Your kid(s) will love her fun loving personality and upbeat, educational approach to class. Kids Yoga will teach your child how to deal with stress, anxiety, and much more, in addition to keeping them active. Charlotte looks forward to having your kids(s) in class!

Favorite Pose

Tree Pose


Missouri City, TX