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Chioma (Chi) is originally from Akron, Ohio, where she began her path to yoga as a competitive tennis player.  Always curious, her adventurous nature and playful mind led her to participate in several half marathons, a two marathons, a 250 mile running relay as well as a 180 mile bike ride around the Galveston Bay, all in no particular order.

Before she moved to Houston, she accidentally re-discovered yoga while walking along the Henry Hudson Parkway, in New York City, in 2009.  There she saw yogis practicing outdoors on the pier and, without a yoga mat in her hand or the proper attire, she joined the yogis simply because her inner child thought it was “cool”.  Five years later she signed up for yoga teacher training, at the 200-hour level, and has not looked back.

A big kid at heart, Chi encourages others to not take themselves too seriously by creating an environment that is light-hearted and active.  As someone who manages scoliosis daily, she also emphasizes the need to honor and listen to one’s body. At the end of her classes, thoughts of “I can’t” are expected to turn to “I can”, and she expects students to carry the same feelings of empowerment into their daily lives.  Chi’s motto: Unlock your potential.

Also a CrossFit Level 1 trainer, Chi continues to unlock her potential by maintaining an open mind, continuing to learn, and evolving through workshops, readings, classes, and connecting with others.

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Akron, OH