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Passing through a community center in Sept 2001, Cisco Cardenas found a flyer that would change his life forever. Bikram Yoga? Curious, he jumped right in and quickly became an avid Bikram yogi, practicing several times a week. Through consistent practice, he noticed that his chronic heartburn and the aches and pains in his knee and lower back were gone. His sleep had become more restful. And at work, in the fast paced field of Outside Sales, he found that both his concentration and determination had increased so much that his productivity almost doubled!

When he realized all the positive changes in almost every area of his life, had happened (and happened quickly!) just by practicing Bikram Yoga, he decided to get certified to teach. His passion for the yoga could not be contained and he wanted to share the benefits of this powerful yoga with others. His first yoga teacher, Darla Magee, gave him a glowing recommendation and he was accepted into the Bikram Teacher Training Program.

“Let no one steal your peace,” Bikram had said almost daily throughout the training. Nine weeks later, when he graduated in Spring 2003, those became the words that he lived by.

That summer, a month after becoming certified, he taught his first class for Mary Jarvis, a long time and well respected Bikram Yoga Teacher, at Global Yoga in San Francisco. He has been under her tutelage ever since. From San Francisco, he went on to his first teaching gig in Austin and over the past 10 years has taught all over Texas, in Westminster, Co., San Francisco and even at the Bikram Yoga Headquarters in Los Angeles. Cisco has always been active in the Bikram community and has worked to deepen and expand his knowledge of the Bikram series and its roots. His knowledge and expertise with the Advanced Series has enabled him to train many competitors for the yoga competition. Cisco regularly attends regional, national and international yoga competitions and he has been invited to serve as a judge at regional yoga competitions in Colorado and California.

Cisco approaches every class with great dedication and tireless enthusiasm. He teaches to each student individually; from the first time student to the more advanced Bikram yogi.

“Come ready to work hard, sweat, and laugh a little too. It’s just yoga!” he says.

Favorite Pose

Standing Bow


San Pedro, CA