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My name is Rosemary, I’ve been practicing yoga for a while. 14 years ago I left my country and moved to Houston– I remember that I was homesick and listless most of the time. I went into a blind date with hot yoga, although I was very determined I need to confess that I got in a panic when the teacher said “You couldn’t leave the room”, I wanted to run away, I had to tell myself to calm down…after that, I looked around and realized that I was surrounded by a great group of diverse people, all so different and yet all the same. We all speak different languages but at that time we all spoke the same universal language of yoga, we shared the same passion and that makes us powerful. I survived the first class and it felt good–since then I have practiced yoga everyday.

Yoga has helped me to find balance in my life keeping my body and my mind healthy and strong. Yoga has also helped me to become better at understanding myself and others.

I define myself as a very passionate teacher, “I teach from my heart,” my students are my big motivation, and my inspiration.

As a teacher my goal is to help them to grow and evolve as a yogi to allow them to find their inner power and become unstoppable.

I love to share all my knowledge unconditionally with them, I love to learn, I love to teach.
Yoga is an endless path, so keep going, stay hungry, keep the fire.

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Caracas, Venezuela