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Anne Sexton

Memorial Day weekend 2013 my daughter was home from college and knowing my stressful life, suggested we take a yoga class. We found Afterglow Hot Yoga and my first response was “No way can I do this.” But I did, starting with the introductory special, thinking if I pay for it, I will come. The teacher said to come back within 24 hours, and I did, every day, for that entire week. The first class I had to lie down a lot but I liked the challenge. The instructors are so encouraging and even make it fun. I fell in love with it and began to go to class three to four days per week.

I assumed I would receive reduced stress as a benefit, and I did. But also watching my parents age, I felt very motivated to do something that was going to keep me upright, flexible, balanced and strengthened. I’m pleased to say that after 14 months of Afterglow Hot Yoga, I have experienced these benefits, and much, much more.

One benefit I did not expect was losing 25 pounds without dieting. I just did the yoga and the pounds came off. The life-changing benefits were confirmed in January 2014. After eight months of hot yoga, I had my annual well-woman check up and my primary care doctor asked “What have you been doing?” I told her I had been doing hot yoga and she said, “Don’t stop. You are getting so many health benefits from doing this.” She was so impressed that my cholesterol dropped 20 points to a low level, and my blood pressure went down that she took me off the medicine I had been on for a year. Most recently I had another colonoscopy because of a family history of colon cancer, and my tests came back clear. I am healthy. My G.I. doctor asked “What do you do to stay healthy?” and I told him hot yoga. As he left the room he turned to me, bowed and said “Namaste Anne, keep up the good work.” It’s very affirming that both my G.I. and primary care physicians endorsed hot yoga as an excellent thing for me to do for my health.

As an added side benefit, as the weight came off and the longer I practiced, the more I wanted to put good things and healthier food into my body. Also, with my medical background as a nurse and an orthopedic surgical nurse, I understand how very important flexibility, muscle strength, and the health of your spine is. Hot yoga does it all–my weight is perfect, I am healthy and I feel terrific. I am hooked!

The instructors have encouraging words for me every single time I am here. They are willing to get on the floor with you and show you how to do what you need help with. Even at the beginning when I was laying down half the time they said something that kept me coming back.

I’ve been through the aerobic craze of the 80’s, the running craze of the 90’s, and at the age of 57, I expect to continue hot yoga for years and years and years.