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Ciara Jarmon

I love this place! I first tried Bikram yoga on a groupon almost a year ago. I hadn’t worked out since high school and I had recently put on some marriage weight! After my first couple of classes I wanted to be here every day!! The whole experience wasn’t just physical it was mental and spiritual. It was stress relieving and gave me a chance to meditate each day.  I also saw a difference in my body that I hadn’t seen before. I was more flexible and my muscle mass was lean and slender not really defining but I felt stronger. I had to stop going for a while because I had morning classes. Instead I went to Fitness Connection doing 20 minutes hot sauna, 30 minutes cardio, and 1 hour muscle training. I did this for almost 5 months and saw minimal results (no body fat loss) and I definitely did not feel stronger (no real muscle strength) but I recently graduated and started back up again!! Anyways!!! I tell everybody I know to just try Bikram yoga!! It just makes sense to do it!!.. IT’S A TOTAL BODY EXPERIENCE!!