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Mary Ann

Immediately I really liked how much I was sweating — to me, sweat = hard work! I also LOVE that we don’t use any machines or weights, and it’s just ALL ABOUT ME, and it’s all UP to me–no pressure.

I have certainly seen changes in myself both physically and mentally–physically, I feel leaner, longer, and more flexible. When I go to yoga, it is my time. It is the only time where I have silence in my day (mom of a 4 & 8 year old!) and I can focus on myself. Once class is over, my perspective has changed. Life is just that MUCH better.

I certainly recommend Afterglow to everyone –young, old, man, woman, all shapes, sizes, and skill level. There are days when I feel strong and days when I feel weak, but nevertheless, it always ends the same: I’m always glad I went to class. And, it doesn’t take much to prep for yoga– mat and water–done! Also, I recommend Afterglow because I really do feel that they are here for the right reasons. They are always changing for the better (new classes, new times) and are always trying to push us to be better by having challenges and workshops.
I have found my place! I wish that I started practicing in my 20s, I wouldn’t have dreaded swimsuit season so much! I’ve never lasted this long with any workout (running, going to the gym, spinning, etc…) You name it, I’ve done it! I am a better wife and mommy because of Afterglow Hot Yoga.