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Mary Jarvis

Mary Jarvis has been teaching and training with Bikram and his yoga for over 26 years and knows what it feels like to use this yoga to recover from pain and fat!  As a survivor of a near fatal auto accident, Mary is living proof of the powers of Bikram Yoga. “In January of 1995, I came back to yoga wearing a neck brace and a back brace, weighing 159 pounds, barely able to move, in incredible 24 hour chronic pain, and very very depressed. I practiced this yoga every day for 2 years to avoid surgery, and demonstrated to my students that you can lose weight and heal yourself with this Bikram yoga practice.  I know what it’s like to practice this yoga being 40 pounds overweight, in incredible pain, barely able to move…and I know how to get out of it. There is not anything unique about me. Anyone and everyone can do what I have done.