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Neha Smith

Neha says the prenatal class is an amazing complement to her daily pregnancy exercises. She says “I feel 100 times better after I exercise and this is especially important during pregnancy. I have seen myself get more flexible and much stronger in the poses we are taught. My hips are definitely opening up more!”

Neha loves the flow of the class, the expertise of the instructor, and the feeling of accomplishment she gets after she completes a class. “It’s a very good strength, flexibility, and breathing class that definitely has helped me during my pregnancy. The poses are carefully taught to ensure that we are doing the best thing with our pregnant bodies and benefit the baby.” Neha sleeps better at night when she exercises, and has less pelvic, back and hip pain. She would “1000% recommend this class to anyone who is expecting. It is an intimate, yet not intimidating class in a safe environment where expecting ladies can come to do the best they can for themselves and their babies.” Neha says she will definitely do this class if she gets pregnant again, and would like to continue yoga at Afterglow after she delivers.