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Stephen Wilson

Stephen started practicing Afterglow Hot Yoga almost four years ago and immediately saw positive results: “I had been suffering from back pain for years–I did not expect the pain and stiffness to evaporate so soon. Practicing alongside others is a great motivator and the knowledgeable and encouraging instructors are paramount. They each bring their own approach to a class and that keeps it interesting and not so routine. I’m slimmer and more flexible than I used to be. Also, I feel much better overall: more strength/stamina and much less achy joints and back. I like the feeling at the end of class, feeling cleansed inside and out, stronger, energized, and relaxed. After class it can feel as though your mind has been given a reboot, and this practice gives me the energy to keep up with my two young children. Before I started practicing my doctor said I was borderline high blood pressure; now it is ‘perfect.’ I can’t see myself stopping ever, the benefits are too great. My daughter Lucy loves the classes for kids too!”