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Tony Succi

When Tony Succi started practicing at Afterglow Hot Yoga, little did he know he would lose the need for muscle relaxants, find relief from allergies, and start craving the benefits of regularly attending class.

Two years later, the 44-year-old Missouri City resident credits hot yoga with positively affecting every aspect of his life.”I know this may sound exaggerated, but doing a regular yoga practice has improved my entire life. I am stronger, faster, more toned, and my recovery times are much shorter. More importantly I have a level of calm and clarity in my mind that I’ve never experienced before.”

Originally thinking yoga was just a bunch of easy stretches, he tried DVD instruction and discovered a workout. After reading about new studio owner Danielle Hester, he signed up for five classes and became hooked. “I liked that it was a structured and very-challenging total-body workout–using your body, mind and breath-control with the heat to help you get the most out of each posture.”  While he loved class, he said what he loved even more was how amazing and energetic he felt when the class was over.

“I never expected I would be challenged and humbled by what I can still learn and improve upon.  I never expected how many times I would just crave to be in the heat.  And I never expected that after trying different types of fitness activities, if I could only do one, I would want it to be yoga.”